Individual Counselling



I have an extensive life experience and a cultural sensitivity that allow me to work with people from different backgrounds and with a variety of concerns. I specialize in the following:




 Couples and Family Counselling



Although individual work is often enough to facilitate positive change, some issues require families to go through counselling together. Families often repeat unhealthy patterns that have been around for generations. I help families bring unhelpful patterns to the surface and change the story for a happier outcome.


I work with families to assist them with the following issues:

My work with individuals, couples and families  is based on collaboration, openness, and respect. I use a variety of counselling approaches to help my clients: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy,  and Hakomi.



Communication Bootcamp

Communication Bootcamp is a series of four basic and four advanced communication workshops. The workshops are designed specifically for long-term care setting, and include practical tools that staff members can use right away. In addition to practical communication skills, staff members also learn to work on their communication skills from inside out. Participants learn self-awareness, empathy, and basic emotional regulation techniques which allow their communication skills to come to life effortlessly and naturally. These workshops are developed with considerations of cultural, linguistic, and job-specific factors which makes them relevant, easy to understand, and fun.


Customized workshops


I develop customized workshops for your facility based on a thorough assessment of the facility’s needs. I also work with facilities that are going through the process of accreditation, and design workshops for their specific needs.
Sample topics for customized workshops:


Disclosure of adverse events to family members


“Although patients may litigate for a number of reasons, effective communication and appropriate provision of care after a patient safety incident are key factors influencing a patient’s decision about whether to initiate legal action” ( Disclosure Working Group, 2011, p.11).


In this workshop nurses learn how to disclose adverse events (death, falls, medication errors etc. ) to residents’ family members in an empathic and professional manner. Staff members learn specific skills that help them approach disclosure with transparency, sincerity and compassion while complying to the ethics of nursing profession. Participants learn skills to prepare themselves for difficult disclosures and to handle emotional reactions from families. This workshop is developed in accordance with Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s Disclosure Guidelines.

Reference: Disclosure Working Group. (2011). Canadian Disclosure Guidelines: being open and honest with patients and families. Edmonton, AB: Canadian Patient Safety Institute.


Communicating effectively with family members of residents


Nurses and care aids further advance their communication skills by learning specific tools that help them prevent and manage conflicts with family members of residents. The workshop includes practical real-life scenarios derived from long-term care settings. Participants acquire basic knowledge of family patterns and learn no use it in their communication with families. As my other educational modules, this workshop includes experiential component of working from the inside out. Participants hone their therapeutic communication skills through developing awareness of how their own beliefs and attitudes influence their communication.




I work with facilities by addressing their specific staff-resident-family communication challenges. I conduct detailed assessments and develop my interventions with consideration to facility-specific needs. I collaborate with management and staff members in developing and implementing changes.




Transition to long-term care can be a painful, life-changing event. I developed my admission support program to assist residents, families, and staff members in this difficult time of transition. My holistic, integrated approach to admission support lays the foundation for creating meaningful, collaborative relationships between all involved. This collaboration has far-reaching benefits for every person involved.


Geriatric Counselling


I assist elders in their integration to their new home by helping them preserve their sense of identity and dignity. I provide support in the difficult time of transition and I facilitate their integration in the new environment. I use a variety of counselling interventions to help elders construct new meanings in their life at the facility. I advocate for the elder and connect him her with staff members.


Family Counselling


Being a caregiver has a tremendous impact on the lives of family members. It can be difficult to make sound healthcare decisions when dealing with the illness of your loved one. During difficult times old conflict patterns often emerge in the family, and they may aggravate an already painful situation. I support families by helping untangle difficult patterns, renegotiate family roles, and make the transition easier for everyone.


Caregiver Support Groups


I conduct closed, 8-session therapeutic groups for caregivers of elderly in long-term care. Some of the topics include:


  • - learning about facility routines and navigating healthcare system
  • - communicating with staff members
  • - untangling difficult family patterns
  • - learning to accept death and dying
  • - dealing with anticipatory grief
  • - collaboration with staff members


Long-term care work can be stressful for staff members. They often face great demands and may not count with adequate resources. I take care of the psychological needs of residents and families which allows staff members to focus on the medical part of care. I help staff members get to know newly admitted residents and their families, and to provide person-centered care . I support staff members by conducting debriefing groups and on-going coaching.


I start my work with clients by offering a free 25-minute consultation during which we both have a chance to determine whether my services fit your needs. I offer a sliding scale fee that accommodates a variety of incomes. In addition, my services are often covered by Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) , Crime Victim Assistance Program, and ICBC (if eligible). Contact your provider for details.


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