I started out with a degree in business, but soon realized that my passion was in helping others. I completed my nursing education and worked in Long-Term Care for 5 years. I then completed my Master’s degree in counselling as I knew I could do even more for my clients. I realized I was passionate about working with families and helping them through difficult times in their lives. Having both medical and counselling background allows me to address issues from a unique perspective that allows for great results. Having lived and worked in three different countries allows me to provide culturally-sensitive service to my clients and meet their unique needs. I am fluent in Spanish and Russian which allows me to connect with diverse clients.
My approach is based on understanding my clients’ needs and working together on developing tools to cope with and improve current situation. I believe that relationships are the most important component of our existence. Therefore, I focus on creating therapeutic relationships that help my clients heal. I am also passionate about advocating for my clients and helping them navigate the system and finding their voice.